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PR Julz helps experts and influencers attract qualified leads by booking them to speak on podcasts, stages and shows. In this episode, we discuss Digital Public Relations & how to generate leads online. http://DigitalPR.Works

These episodes are for those who are driven to make a positive impact on the World.

We discuss Pros and Cons of traditional and digital marketing, how to generate leads online, word of mouth or organic social media growth, DM sales, email campaigns, and so on.

Julz explains WHY Digital Public Relations is the best way of marketing and how it explodes your business’ digital footprint and generates warm prospects for service-based businesses.

Are you ready to multiply your impact, build your authority, and start creating evergreen  how to generate leads online assets as part of your digital footprint?

Get a hold of the gift to you  https://bit.ly/10podtips It’s a Cheat Sheet with 10 strategies no one mentions when they bring you on as a guest. These activities will boost your podcast appearances with lead generation and publicity, while helping you build authority and influence. 

Now go ahead and make a Positive Impact. We know you can!

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Are you ready to make an investment in yourself, become a pro at podcast lead generation, be booked to speak twice a week, cover 100 stages a year, and exponentially grow your digital footprint, so that you can then serve people who reach out to YOU for years to come? 

Let us multiply your positive impact!




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