Positive Impact TV
Positive Impact TV
How to benefit from events and summits by Positive Impact TV

How to benefit from events and summits by Positive Impact TV

We offer you the platforms, it's up to YOU to benefit.

In this episode I explain what our platforms offer, how you can participate, and the benefits you get from participating, no matter what level your business is at. To get the video version, see it HERE. To learn more, or to jump on board, see http://prJulz.com Our Monthly Biz Coaching membership is the BEST option, and includes all speaking, events & coaching that you need to grow your business.

Our Summits are quarterly events mixed with monthly give-aways and expert panels. Our magazine is a way for you to get credibility as a writer, and our show/podcast spotlights experts from around the globe. We run visibility on the backbone of Social Media to get MAXIMUM exposure organically, which beats the ads, fills your funnels and get you booked!

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Positive Impact TV
Positive Impact TV
PR Julz features experts and influencers, change-makers and leaders!
This podcast is meant for only those who are driven to make a Positive Impact on the World.
Business guests share strategies to grow influence. Apply https://pr.pitv.ca/main
Website: http://DigitalPR.Works
Free gift https://bit.ly/10podtips It’s a Cheat Sheet with 10 strategies no one mentions when they bring you on as a guest.
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